Tuesday, November 07, 2006

29: Why BOTH Centrists and Progressives NEED the Democrats to retake Congress.


For Centrists...

· Because the Republican Congress essentially legalized torture and dismantled habeas corpus, which were huge barriers between ourselves and totalitarian regimes, and part of the reason why we revolted against the British in the first place.
· Because the Bush administration has lost all credibility in the Middle East.
· Because the Bush administration has lost the support of Moderate Muslims who, like Moderate Christians, have the ability to exert pressure upon extreme elements.
· Because the Bush administration is unable to win in Iraq for this reason.
· Because the present congress has allowed the Bush administration to expand executive power to an unhealthy extent.
· At the moment, Iraq IS a breeding ground for terrorism, because our invasion and subsequent mismanagement destablized the region even more than before.
· Stability can only be reachieved through international consensus and participation; this means the support of both other states in the Middle East (support from Jordan and Egypt, for example, is not unrealistic) and our allies in the developed world.
· The Republican party has lost its credibility with these elements. Not only do today's Democrats emphasize the need of multilateral cooperation, but they have the credibility in the international community to pull it off.
· Because this Republican congress has fallen victim of the liabilities of Reaganomics (meaning 1. uncontrolled spending, 2. fiscal short-sightedness, and 3. stagnant tax-cuts that do not propel the economy). Democrats, on the other hand, have moved towards fiscal conservatism in recent years.

For Progressives...

· Because however uncomfortable we may be with the seeming docility of the Democratic Party, they have: opposed torture and the repeal of habeas corpus, illegal internments and violations of the Geneva conventions, tax cuts, and the preservation of civil liberties at home.
· Moreover they continue to: fight on behalf of abortion rights, encourage more realistic and ethical health-care options, and have a better track record with immigration.
· A robust Democratic congress extricating the nation from the messes of the last several years will give more public maneuverability to radicals and true progressives. We can promote our agendas on a local, municipal and state level, and thereby educate the public as to the feasibility and desirability of our projects. IT IS ONLY IN THIS CONTEXT THAT LONG-TERM SUCCESS IS A POSSIBILITY.



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