Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December, 2003.


I lived in McKinley Park in Chicago and temped at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation as a file clerk with the Department of Neurosurgery. About one-third of my income went toward rent and another quarter toward the engagement ring I'd put on layaway for Jessica. She didn't know of course. And I was also in the midst of preparations for the Nocturnal's ill-fated production of Shelley's Cenci... a case in which a year of preparation went in a show that was eventually only a half-hour long, featuring none of its original cast.

But in December there was still hope.

I remember dwelling on the darkness and cold outside (it was a cold winter), and not being bothered by it.

I had to work the week following Christmas, and Jessica joined me in Chicago for New Years. We spent that evening at a rowdy bar in the Ukranian Village.

Not the most eventful December, though, on the whole.

Where were you in December, 2003?



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