Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well, here's your reminder.


So here, in full, is the email I received yesterday from the Democratic Party.

Dear Connor,
Majority Parties kickoff

If there's one thing I want every Democrat to remember as we head into the New Year and into a fast-approaching presidential election, it is this: we are the majority. I don't mean just that Democrats have a majority in the House and the Senate, or the majority of governors in the states.

Democrats like you are the majority in America.

The 2006 election was a crystal clear answer to the question, "Where do Americans stand?" Every single incumbent Democrat was re-elected, and scores more Democrats beat Republican challengers everywhere.

It's up to you to help remind every Democrat that we are the majority, and we will fight for the principles and promises we made in this election. If you can host a Majority Party during the first week of January, you can help set the context for the new year.

Your party doesn't need to have a slideshow and agenda. The point of these parties is social -- to bring Democrats together to celebrate change and send the message to the media and the Republicans that we know we are the majority in America.

You can make your New Year's Eve party a Majority Party, you can bring people together the night of January 4th to celebrate the new Democratic Congress, or you can plan your event for the weekend of the 6th -- it's up to you.

Planning your event is simple and easy using our online events tool, and we'll make sure you have supporting materials about what the Democratic majority means for our country. Get started with your party here:


One election may be over, but our work building the Democratic Party must continue to intensify. Your 50-state strategy field organizers and other staff continue to organize in the field in every state. There will be elections in major cities as early as the spring, and three states have important races for governor in November 2007.

Even with our success, elections are not mandates. Elections are power being loaned to politicians for a period of time. It's what we do, not what we say that matters. The voters of this country loaned the Democrats their power, now it's our job to earn it again in 2008 and deliver a Democratic President of the United States and a Democratic Congress that can deliver progress in America.

Every one of us has the responsibility to keep organizing in order to make good on the promises we made in 2006.

We promised a new kind of politics -- a party of leaders focused on real solutions, a party with a human face in every single community across America.

You are that face, and our strength of our party and our cause depends on your willingness to step up in your own community.

There will be a lot of work over the next two years, but hosting a Majority Party should be one of the easiest and most fun. Create your own in our online events system now:


Politics isn't the nonsense you hear on right-wing radio or the cable news channels.

Politics is what you make of it in your own community. It's the relationship you have with another volunteer, it's the conversation you have with your neighbor, it's the effort you put in to beating back cynicism and helping people believe that we can make change and solve real problems.

Sure, we all celebrated our victories in November.

But in January, as a newly-elected Democratic majority takes office in Washington and in state capitals across the country, we will celebrate something more important than winning a single election: the ability to change our country for the better.

I hope you will be a part of it.

Thank you,

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

And here's a link to their thing:



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