Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A change in the air...

For the first time in almost two years there are going to be active posts at this address. A friend suggested I register with Google Ad Sense, since I post extensively about the arts, and build a focused blog around that premise. I will not belabor this point, because I'm not supposed to call conspicuous attention to the ads.

Since I do not want to compromise the integrity of the blog I keep for friends and family, all of the content here will also be hosted at the complete Blue Skies Falling blog. However, that blog will continue to host primarily personal and political thoughts and meditations.

This blog will focus exclusively on the arts, with an emphasis on both literature and "experimental" art.

For more information on my own projects, I encourage you to visit my website.

The background, incidentally, is a scene of the Foster Street Beach in Chicago taken in May 2005.



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