Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Diary: August 1997.

I started out by turning nineteen years old, but beyond that, this month is very hazy to me. I slogged through the first drafts for Urbantasm, really not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into (ie. now, a decade later...) Although I'd been developing Urbantasm for a rough year at this point. This all meant that I was in the family room about three or four hours a night typing. It was very slow. It's amazing to me how slow my typing was back then. It would take over an hour to turn over a single double-space page.

Still, a few of those chapters haven't been cut, though their content has changed drastically.

I was also running tech for Flint Youth Theatre's production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown which was an ecstatically fun production, and so I was spending a lot of the time with the cast/crew: Josh, Angie, Demetrius, etc. etc. The production was over near the end of August, though. Likewise, the "major" event of the summer had been my participation in the Young Playwrights Conference in New York City. It was too soon to be in full gear preparing for college (orientation started on September 17th).

So I guess I'm left with the impression that August was kind of a staying period before and after major events.

I do remember sitting on the front porch and eating chicken salad on warm evening's with my family. I also remember a string of very frustrating guitar lessons. I finally remember spending a Saturday following Brandi (who is Lyn) and Melissa around the Renaissance Festival. But I think that most of these things actually happened in September. I can't say for sure.

Where were you in August, 2007?

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