Friday, September 07, 2007

Diary: Mini-Implosion.

By way of explanation.

I've only gotten about 10% done this week of what I've meant to have accomplished. I've been going to sleep at about eleven each night, my big accomplishment I think is watching Rome three times, I stood up friends for a hang-out at least once, and I'm behind in both reading and writing. On the other hand, it's been over a month since I've had a "normal" weekend, everyone is in the midst of personal chaos, I always put too much on my plate to begin with, and Rome deserves the attention.

On Tuesday, all the NYC kids started going back to school. I was going to consider Tuesday my own "back to school" day, by cranking out a Silurians draft, starting on the Postmodern Prometheus revision, and mailing into two sci-fi submissions. That will have to wait. Maybe this upcoming Monday will be my new "back to school" day. If taking a week off can prevent a nervous breakdown, that's going to save me trouble in the long run, right?

I'll be officially checked out until Monday. Jess and I have a wedding in Maryland tomorrow. (Congratulations, Judd!)

Also, Happy Birthday, Emily and Joan.

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