Friday, September 12, 2008

Event: The Current Republican Thesis Is That We Won't Mind Being Made Fools Of.

New York Times | Paul Krugman: Blizzard of Lies.

I hope we are not put in a position to see whether Krugman's thesis that McCain/Palin would be worse than Bush/Cheney is true or not. However I am reminded of something I witnessed in college. Under President Hugo Sonnenschein, a sometimes intimidating presence from the dreaded Econ department a number of controversial changes were made to the core curriculum, housing system, and admissions process at the University. During my fourth year, he was replaced with Don Randal, a lovable looking medieval musicologist from romantic Ithaca, New York. Something very interesting happened: the controversy died. A very vigorous student and faculty opposition to the changes enacted by Sonnenschein (really at the behest of the trustees) had put all of their passion into the person. But when Sonnenschein was gone, the trustees remained, and so did the policies.

I won't belabor this comparison to my fears of the McCain/Palin ticket, and we're too thick in the trees to see how deep this forest really is. But these are real apprehensions. We're not scaremongering. This could really happen. Yes it could.

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