Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gloamane 11, 31.

- What an eventful week for the world! The DNC wrap-up, McCain's running mate announcement, and Hurricane Gustav. Incredible. My week was pretty cool, too... During the week I did my usual divide between work and writing devouring most of my free time. I've been catching up in number theory, and while the speed with which I have to move reminds me that I'll never be that great at math, it's nice to vaguely grip the meaning of cool ideas like the "reduced residue system" and "diabolical symmetrical squares." I have about three more weeks of this; then I will start topology, which will be even weirder.
On Thursday I went over to Hallie's to see Obama's speech, which exceeded my already high expectations (so I give it a place for summer!compelling along with The Dark Knight and Wall-E. I got out of work late on Friday and went to the Jazz Fesival where I saw Eddie Palmieri and Dee Dee Bridgewater, who is from Flint by way of France and Mali, and is also beautiful and awesome. On Saturday I also went down there to catch the James Sanders' Conjuntos which was pretty sweet, but I spent most of the day in Hyde Park at an informal pre-wedding party for Armand and Vivian. Later I worked on updating my website (which is a pretty slow and tedious process) and watched the rest of the speeches I missed from the DNC: Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore. On Sunday I went to church and then directly to the Jazz Fest, which seemed to be kind of hit-or-miss that day. Sam met up with me later on, but we didn't stay until the bitter end. After Dee Alexander had finished I hopped on the bus and went home. Sunday was Gothic Funk Party #14, though I was also able to spend some time visiting with Meridith, Michael, Jen, and Thalia in the morning.

"Nothing is more silly than silly laughter."
- Catullus

What news item this week surprised you the most?


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