Friday, October 17, 2008

Event: The Personal Email Conversation I've Just Had With David Plouffe.

I think I might have annoyed him, because after I responded to the personal email I received from Plouffe, he evidently forwarded my complaint to some campaign clerk who sent off some soulless form response.

From David Plouffe, to Connor Coyne:

Connor --

Now that Barack won the final debate, there's only one milestone remaining in this campaign -- Election Day.

But it's going to take a lot of work to make sure all of our supporters get to the polls. You can help support our get out the vote efforts right now.

Make a donation of $30 or more and you'll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden T-shirt:

You can also receive an Obama-Biden car magnet with a donation of $10 or more.

Our get out the vote effort will determine the outcome of this election.

Every day, our team carefully reviews the resources we have available and makes crucial decisions about where we can be most competitive.

We're maintaining hundreds of offices across the country, employing thousands of organizers, and printing literature with local voting information for every community we canvass.

Make a donation right now to receive your T-shirt and help our campaign succeed:

Thank you for your support,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

The thing is, my wife and I have already made a donation, and by our standards, quite a substantial one. We were supposed to get the car magnet in exchange for this, but it never came. Hence my reply:

From Connor Coyne to David Plouffe,

Dude, we're still waiting for our magnet! :)

Alas, this is the reply I received, and quite likely, the final word.

Obama for America to Connor Coyne:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting Senator Barack Obama and Obama for America.

Barack is gratified by the overwhelming response to his candidacy, and we appreciate hearing from you. Please note, though, that we are now replying only to emails sent through our webform. You may resend your message through the webform here:

We also encourage you to submit your policy ideas through the My Policy feature of our website, here:

We have also created the Answer Center, an easy-to-search database of questions and answers that lets you find information on a wide range of subjects from volunteering to policy positions. Try it out here:

The webform and other technologies help improve our ability to communicate with you and efficiently read and respond to the thousands of messages we receive every week. Please note that you can use it to cut and paste large messages and links to other websites.

Thank you for using the webform, it helps us improve the process of communicating with you.


Obama for America

Look, I didn't write Barack Obama. I replied to David Plouffe, and he wrote me first. All I want is my car magnet!

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