Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BODY: Things to Inspect and Consider

These links are for my own use and convenience.
However, you are welcome to use them too, if you like.


USNO: Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day. BSF:ET
Sapphire Moon: Solstice and Equinox Finder. BSF:ET


EXERCISE: Society of Jesus: Oregon Province: The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. = starting mid-September
CHURCH OBLIGATION: 2009 Holy Days of Obligation. ~M

FAITH: Street Prophets =
HOPE: Daily Kos =, Democratic Socialists of America ~T
CHARITY: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ~M, Flint Club. ~T
LENT: Operation Rice Bowl. =



LOOK UP: Night Sky Highlights in 2009. ~M
LOOK UP: Chicago, IL Weather Forecast. =
LOOK OUT: USA National Phenology Network. ~W
LOOK OUT: Chicago Reader. ~H
LOOK OUT: Wikitravel: Chicago. m3
LOOK OUT: Urban Gardening. ~F
LOOK OUT: Frugal Village ~F
LOOK OUT: Chicago Urban Exploring. m4
LOOK OUT: Benjamin Franklin y12
LOOK IN: Time. y12
LOOK IN: The Eightfold Path. y1
LOOK DOWN: St. Boniface Cemetery. y12


United States Department of Agriculture: BSF:ET

New York Times. =
Chi·Town Daily News. =
Chicago Sun-Times. ~M
Detroit Free Press. ~W
Flint Broadside. m2
Flint Journal. =
Rickey Hampton.
Andy Heller. =
Detroit Free Press: The Detroit Tigers. ~M
Detroit Free Press: Detroit Pistons. ~T
Detroit Free Press: Detroit Red Wings. ~W
Detroit Free PresS: U of M Wolverines. ~H
Detroit Free Press: MSU Spartans. ~F
USA Gymnastics. ~F

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