Friday, April 24, 2009

Concept: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I've enjoyed the show so far. I think that there was a shared tactical understanding from the beginning that he couldn't outweird Conan, and Letterman and Leno have the cynical and the everyman roles down, respectively. Why not put a "nice guy" on Late Night? That's their strategy, I think.

In the first month or so, the interviews have been maybe a little fluffy, more than needed. The show's greatest genius has been in the audience interactive bit, for example, the "Shared Experience" bits where everyone discovered a snuggie under their seat (which seemingly subsequently turned the entire studio into a deni of Jedis). I also think that the show has made a varied and versatile use of the Roots, their band. It's the first time a hip hop outfit has been used in this capacity on any major late night talk show, and the Roots have the musical chops for the job.

I think that the Jimmy Fallon show will continue to grow on me the longer I watch it. But that doesn't mean I won't be looking forward to O'Brien's reemergence on the Tonight Show. And of course, props to Leno for all those free shows he's been doing for the unemployed.

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