Wednesday, November 08, 2006

35: Post-mortem the fifth: Me and my blog.


I feel bad.

Unlike some of you, I did not go canvassing or knock on any doors. All I did, in fact, was blog about the election here and vote myself. Which was surely less effective and impacting. And yet, it may have had more of an impact than I originally expected.

In the last week this blog has gotten 868 hits from exactly 400 visitors. This is something of what I typically get in a month, and it's been of course, due to the elections. Ironically, I did not get most of these hits in responses to big races, where much would be written on larger, more active sites, but to searches on local candidates. Specifically, the Michigan Endorsements post alone got well over half of the hits I'm mentioning here, because my blog was virtually the only place on the web where someone could find information on, say, the Judge for the Genesee County Probate Court or the Genesee County Health Care Services Millage.

Yet because the Robert E. Weiss (Probate Court) shared space with my gubernatorial and Senate opinions, I also exposed hundreds of people to an opinion on Jennifer Granholm, on Debbie Stabenow, on Proposal 2. This was what I'd hope for in posting an opinion, but it was successful this go round beyond my loopier expectations.

Local politics matter.

I wouldn't have gotten an fifth of the hits if I hadn't written about the Probate Court.

And that's that, at least until we hear back from Virginia.

We won an election, kids. With drama and style.

Go forth and celebrate.



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