Monday, November 20, 2006

The end of the liturgical year.


At this time of year the lectionary is filled with all sorts of apocalyptic stuff. It really is a genius bit of scheduling, since the material is scattered throughout both testaments. You can find it in all four gospels, but especially John, the letters of John and Thessalonians (though most of them have it somewhere), Revelations, of course. In the Old Testament, the Prophets are a goldmine of apocalyptic writing, with Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel the granddaddy's of them all. And Ecclesiastes. The point being they're all over the place.

The lectionary is able to take all of these disparate readings and throw them together at the time of year when it's perpetually dark and cold out and the leaves are brown and dead in the street. The readings are all about the universe splitting apart at its seams, exhausted with inertia and attrition. Lovely.

I'm probably just in a bad mood because I've been slow to make new friends here in New York, and my best new friend is moving away next week. Where is he moving? Chicago. Lovely.



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