Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Three holidays, two songs, and one wish, all for you.


Happy Hanukkah.

Star of Wonder, by Sufjan Stevens.

I call you from the comet's cradle/
I found you trembling by yourself.
When the night falls lightly on your right-wing shoulder,
wonderful know-it-all, slightly, where the night gets colder.
Oh, conscience, Where will you carry me?
I found you, star of terrifying effigies
When the night falls I carry myself to the fortress
of your glorious cause. Oh, I may seek your fortress
When the night falls, we see the star of wonder.
Wonderful night falls. We see you. We see you.
I see the stars coming down there to the yard.
Coming down there to my heart.

Merry Christmas.

The Last Song, by the Smashing Pumpkins.

This is the last song.
This is the last song I'll sing for you.
This is the last song.
This is the last song I can give you.
The roaring city sleeps, metal fingers clutching dirty sheets,
and no one comes for free in this place where the angels sleep.
This is the last song.
My eyes are open wonder to this.
As you hold the secrets, I count the minutes off so perfectly.
The shards of broken glass sing the strains of a sad old tune.
We've made it at last but what we had is lost inside our past.
This is the last song.

Could you find away across me, to forgive and forget me,
to appease and relent me, to deceive and detect me,
to understand and release me to the dawn?

This is the last song.

Merry Christmas.



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