Monday, May 14, 2007

Ketchup 6: From the Cottage to Sunnyside.


I will get all caught up this week, so help me God, I will!

Okay. So when we got to Lisa's, which is both deceptively small and large. It occupies the entire second floor of a tiny house, but they've managed to install five small rooms and a bathroom there. There are many windows, and the living room opens onto an open porch, while the kitchen opens onto an enclosed porch and a stairway wends its way (very mazelike) through work areas, storage space, and ultimately, a laundry room in the basement. There's a very warm funace heater running through the kitchen, and the walls have been painted in strident colors that Lisa left. Of course, the whole place is awash in books, music, and musical instruments, which gives it a very lived in feel. It was a vivid experience, visiting there. Jess and I got to stay in our own guest room as well, with its own expandable cot contraption and television.

Lisa was there, obviously, and so was her boyfriend Patrick. We all stayed up talking for another three or so hours that night. Lisa made us muffins, which were very good. I bought a copy of the Giving Tree Band album (United Folk Theory) and autographed it (she'd collaborated on two of the tracks).

The next morning we walked up to Atomic Cafe and Patrick treated us. I got a plain coffee, since that is necessary to keep Connors alive. Lisa graciously offered to let us leave our stuff there (we'd be spending one night on the North Side, then head West again on Wednesday), and we caught the Chicago bus to the Red Line and took the Red Line north to Uptown to meet up with Sean.

We got there almost a full hour late, owing partly to the ridiculous amount of time it now takes to get a few miles on CTA, and partly to my mistinterpreting the directions. But, having arrived, we went out for a late lunch at a great (and cheap) Mexican restaurant on Broadway. Sean told us about his and Aleja's marriage plans, what they're going to be doing in the near future, and talked in particular about his plans to apply for law school.

And then Connor's break at work ran out. Check back. I'll post more later today...



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