Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lunas 5, 29. (Following Lunas 4, the Day of Flames.)


- Yesterday was as ridiculous a final act / resolution to the last six months as any... or perhaps a tiding of things to come? Well, I hope not. I won't go into all of the gory little details here. Look for that in further installments of catsup. But for the moment, I'll just give the barest details. Jess and I were riding the bus back from the Guerrilla Lit reading series, when our bus was passed by a fire truck and two police cars. I don't know why, but I had the strangest little nagging thought: 'That would just figure, it would be our building.' After all, the place has been plagued with the worst variety of problems.
Well, naturally, we turn the corner, and there are three fire trucks pulled right up in front of our building, with a couple dozen fire-fighters coming and going with axes and helments. Big fat hoses ran in through the front door and there was so much water running down the street that they formed big pools at the bottom of the BQE. The air was thick with a smoky woodsy smell. A ladder ran up to the roof from one of the trucks and the skylight at the top of the stairwell had been smashed in. When we finally got inside, several stories up, glass lay everywhere. All of our neighbors, both from the building and adjacent, were out on the street, watching.
It turns out the resident of #3, who inexplicably put his refrigerator into the middle of the hall earlier this week, and whom nobody has been able to find, had a fire in his apartment, and it spread sufficiently to do damage to the apartment right above, where a woman noticed and called the fire department. This morning there was a big sticker on his door, telling him to call the city.
As for our apartment, no permanent damage but everything from our curtains to our bedding to our clothes to our chairs smelled (and still smells) like a weekend barbecue. Plus, we have very legitimate fears that the fire might have prompted some visitors from last summer to drop in for another visit.

Welcome to Life, Connor and Jessica! =)

Approach trouble as you would a mule. Look it in the face.

New Advent: Job.

How much trouble is too much?



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