Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Concept: Occlusion Neighborhood, Part 1.

If you run a Google search on "occlusion neighborhood" there are actually two results, facsimiles of each others.

They are as follows:

Buyers shifting to a strange infinite metropolitan area may cleanly be doubts really confused over morose the best area decelerate to live Cunard in electricity , unless there is falls a desirable and reasonably priced occlusion neighborhood near their archangel place of work.

A "desirable and reasonably priced occlusion neighborhoods near their archangel place of work." I like that.

I Googled this today, 8/8/2007.

On 12/18/2006 I attempted to define for the GoFuShiLi what exactly an "occlusion neighborhood" is. I described it as follows:

1. 'Tis GhEtTo.
2. Weird mixture of 1920s and 1950s housing stock. Ranches and
wood-frame things.
3. Geographically isolated. Physically by lakes, rivers, train
tracks, expressways, and in combination when possible.
4. Not generally known by people. Tucked away.
5. Only acknowledged in the news *ever* due to crime, though there is
very likely good music here it will never get the credit it deserves.
6. Bright colors... either in the form of murals, lawn decor, gardens,
graffiti, or whatever. Again, in combination when possible.
7. Lots and lots of trees. Seems on the verge of being retaken by nature.
8. Not close to city limits. Buried somewhere well within the boundary lines.
9. Scores of abandoned buildings. Parks are a little loopy.
10. Feels spooky, enchanting, sugar sweet, and a little like winter.

I should have added, for the benefit of the morose, that it is just as likely to be near your work with the archangels.

Do you know of any Occlusion Neighborhoods?

I'm always trying to find them, but by their nature, little is written about them.

I'm listening to Plainsong by The Cure.

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