Monday, August 13, 2007

Lauras 23, 30.

- Great weekend!
Friday I went to the Met for the first time. It truly is the hugest museum I've ever been, and I'm pretty sure the FIA could fit in maybe two-third of the Egyptian collection. I've planned on returning, so it was never my intention to take in the whole place. I was there from 11 until 5, and spent the first half of the day in the Ancient Egyption (huge!) and Ancient Near East (much smaller) collections, and the second in the Cycladian, Greek, and Roman collections. This is to go along with my general review of world history this year for Urbantasm (I'm up to about 500 A.D.) I picked up Chinese food on the way home, and then waited up for my wife. When she got back, we had dinner, watched Monk, and I entered a writing contest. Then we went out for drinks with a friend and got home around three.
Saturday was more relaxed, and I spent half of the day reading a friend's novel and revising Hungry Rats. That night, though, some friends and I went out to see Laura Cheadle at a bar by Washington Square Park, and then we walked around the Village. At the bar – The Baggot Inn – I drank the best Budweiser I've ever had. I don't know why, but it tasted different, better.
Sunday I went to church, and got some cleaning and work done at home. Later my wife and Marco and I met at the subway and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back. We got home at midnight, the earliest we'd been in all weekend. Obviously I'm pretty tired today.

The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade. - Benjamin Franklin

Alfred Hitchcock.

I've already said it, now I'll say it again:
New York Times: Karl Rove, Top Strategist, Is Leaving the White House.

What would be an awesome name for a movie about plumbers?


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