Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Event: I'm not the only one thinking that the UAW's pretty smart at this go round.

A Daily Kos diary: UAW on Strike for Job Security.

I realize that, with the strike off, there's a perceived lack of urgency to this particular subject, but the issues that caused the strike in the first place are very much intact. And I particularly like the way this notion is shared:

The media seems to think that GM can break the union at will, but they seem to miss that for the UAW killing GM may be the price that has to be paid to provide their members job security. The GM brand isn't going to die, and if it's forced into dire economic straights a sale to private equity is possible. Meaning that a new set of managers focused on creating long term value instead of maximizing stock prices can be brought in. Like just happened at Chrysler.

In short, we don't want our unions, including the UAW, making the same mistake that the Democratic Party makes all the time: letting short-termed number-crunching discretion replace the need to make decision. Any opportunity in such a highly contested field is going to require risks. In this case, the risk has paid off so far.

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