Monday, September 10, 2007

Gloamane 18, 30.

- On Friday, I continued last week's trend of not getting anything accomplished, but I did go to the Lit release party that night, where I discovered that Reinhardt is in town visiting. I hung out with Lizzie, Emily, Yvonne, Mac, and Meredith. I also had a run-in. After the party, Marco, Reinhadt, Scott, and I went out for nachos. When I got home, my wife had picked up the rental car, a Chevy Cobalt, from JFK.
On Saturday, we packed and headed out by about 10:30. We picked up my wife's dress from the Upper East Side, and then spent the next hour crossing midtown Manhattan to the Lincoln Tunnel. Once we were in New Jersey, though, things sped up and we made good time all the way down to Washington D.C. We arrived at five-ish, and Matt sat and visited with us for awhile. Of course, there were a lot of minor catastrophes that happened while we were getting ready for the trip. The most traumatizing of these was actually my fault. The last time I wore a suit was at Sean's wedding, which I went to with Sam. Sam is about six inches taller then me, and somehow our suits must have been switched, because when I was finishing up getting ready, I noticed that my jacket hung down to my knees. Matt's family came to the rescue. His father is a lawyer with excellent taste in suits, and he was able to lend me one that fit perfectly (what are the odds). Of course, thre were other adventures, but I shouldn't write about them here. At any rate, we made it to the wedding with time to spare, and immediately met up with Armand and Vivian, and soon, Mell and Dan. It was a Jewish wedding, my second, meaning that I've now been to twice as many Jewish weddings as Catholic (that is, my own). The ceremony was followed by a cocktail party, at which I met up with Sean, Cynthia and her husband, Mike (they have a daughter, too, who wasn't in attendance) and, briefly, Mark. We moved on to the reception, which was timeless in an odd sort of way. We almost closed it out, but this was the dancing-est wedding I've ever been too. The median age had to have been mid to late forties, maybe even fifties, but these people loved to dance, and they were good at it. I just hope I can move like that in thirty years, but since I was having some trouble keeping up right now, I'm not so sure. Anyway, the food, the cake, everything, was wonderful. My wife and I finally petered out around 12:30, but after getting lost and found, and then gas on the way back to D.C., we couldn't resist taking a late night cruise around the mall. We saw the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and, accidentally, the Potomac.
Sunday, we thanked Matt's dad for his help, got our things together, and returned to Rockville for a post-wedding brunch. We visited with college friends some more, and were some of the last non-wedding folk to leave. With a little time to kill, we drove back into D.C. (the expressway routed us a dozen miles through Virginia, so now I've "been" to the South a second time (the first time being the Houston airport). We walked around the Mall for an hour, drove through Embassy road, and started on our way home. With one detour through Baltimore to pick up our friend Matt, it was a clear ride back to New York, and we didn't hit nastay traffic until Staten Island. After dropping Matt off and unloading, my wife took the car back to the airport, while I got a meal ready back home. It was a relaxing end to a busy weekend. But what am I saying? Guests, trips out of state, interviews, etc. Every weekend is a busy weekend.

To stop choking, look up.

New York Times: Delay Decision on Cuts, General Says.

From Curious as a Cat.
If you could own one prop for any film, what would you choose?


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