Monday, September 17, 2007

Gloamane 25, 30.

- Bam! Last Tuesday after work (feels like a decade ago) I went out with Matt for pizza, then went home and stayed up until 5 AM finishing EPs for my Earshot reading. I've had all sorts of unhealthy non-sleeping patterns this month, though I think this week will be more "normal."
I got up at about nine on Friday and went into my dental appointment where I got a root canal and lost about a third of other teeth. Before he put the temporary caps on, my mouth looked like something freakish out of a horror film. Then I continued on into Manhattan and spent the rest of the day finishing the EPs and poking around. I got to the Lucky Cat around seven and was the first to read when Earshot started at eight. Amy was there, and so was Scott, Marco, and Hannah, Lizzie and Emily. After the reading, Dan, Nicole, and Amy and I stopped out for drinks. I got home circa 2:30 AM. I'd been planning to stay up late writing Postmodern Prometheus. Needless to say, that didn't happen.
On Saturday I was going to go to the Cloisters, but I decided to stay in and revise Postmodern Prometheus instead. Unfortunately, this was a bad call, as I soon discovered that Pomopromo is unreviseable, or at least at this moment, and in a single afternoon. I did get a lot of cleaning done, though, and when my wife got home from her trip, we ate chicken parmesan and watched Stranger Than Fiction (with that hottie, Maggie Gyllenhaal).
Then, Sunday, I went to church and it was lovely. A powerful homily and the whole room was diffused with this soft, pale green light. I think they must have been using a gel and gobo with their lighting, but it was an effect I'd never seen done in a church before. Since the liturgical summer is now over, the coffee hour has been reinstated, which is fine with me. I signed up with the Social Justice Committee, which I will serve until moving in December. I got home at about two, and had pizza for lunch and did some reading. Later, Scott came over and visited with the wife and me. We ate Thai food, and Scott left around eleven (after we'd used online programs to translate texts into different languages and back into English.) I stayed up until five, revising Canaryville Blues, so that I could say that I accomplished some substantial writing over the weekend.
Hence, today I am very tired. I'm taking "a day off," although I'm obviously not, since I'm at work right now.

When is a clock guilty of a misdemeanor?

The BBC: Court hears Musharraf challenge.

What does your name rhyme with?


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