Monday, October 22, 2007

Diary: In October 1984.

I remember essentially nothing.

I was six years old and in 1st grade at the Valley School, in Gail's class, and finally taking a few steps toward reading. Steps further into arithmetic. I would have been into dinosaurs, and drawing a lot of pictures of them, but I was also increasingly fascinated by space travel. I presumably fought with my little sister a lot. My friends from school were Brian, Scott, Andy, and Aashish, and I went to visit Brian in Flint Township at one point. I was also friends with many of the kids on the block. This might have been the year I went for Halloween as a Dinosaur... in fact, I think that must have been the case, because it was probably the next year that I went as a witch.

I wish I remembered more.

Where were you in October 1984?

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