Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Concept: Guerrilla Lit reading a week from tomorrow (your last chance to hear me read in New York).

I will be reading at this month's installment of the Guerrilla Lit series. Barring sudden and inexplicable fame, this is the last time I'll be reading in New York, inasmuch as I'm moving to Chicago two days later. The reading is:

7:30 PM Wednesday, 11/28
170 Ave. A (@ 11th St.)
Bar on A

The reading will also feature Erik Rhey, Dani Grammerstorf, and Bernie Kravitz. I know these kids, so seriously, it's going to be a *killer* evening. Bar on A has a *sweet* happy hour to boot, which I will employ to warm up for the event.

I will be reading from either:
A) The Silurians - A short story starring an alcholic middle-aged New York economist mother trapped 400 million years back in time with a motley crew including a politically idealistic college prof and her woe-is-me ex-husband.
B) Beowulf - A hyper!weird novel I'm drafting that, for all its bizarreness, has already managed to inspire a feature film with Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie, not to mention a 1000-year Olde English poem.

If people show a strong preference for A or B, I'll follow their wise suggestions.

Otherwise, I'll maybe make up my own mind, or maybe leave it to the whims of the crowd.

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