Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diary: A Little July

So this blog isn't really near the blow-by-blow archive of my thoughts and opinions that it once was, and while I hope to make strides toward improvement, I don't think things are going to change here quickly. The prevailing theme these days seems to be transience... the scarcity of time, the brevity of passing moment, and there are hints of change in the air, so you better finish up what you're doing before it all gets flipped on its head.

Still, I think it's better to write a little than nothing at all, and this has been an amazing month so far. I don't want to lose that. The last weekend of June, of course, we went to a wedding, and the weekend after that I went to the U.P. for the fourth. A couple weeks following were comparably still... I've been working on Urbantasm nonstop (and succesfully)... studying Number Theory, reading Gravity's Rainbow and now the Mysteries of Udolpho. The weekend of the 12th I saw a movie with Jess and Sam, followed my an amazing rib dinner at Fat Willy's on Diversey, followed by a party to celebrate the release of House and Bird's first EP. The weekend after that I visited with friend and worked on Urbantasm some more. I visited Lisa and Sam among all of this, and spent a lot of time reading on the beach. On Friday, we hosted Gothic Funk Party #13 and yesterday, I saw another movie. I will be returning to these two movies momentarily. Next weekend, I will be at Lollapalooza on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sunday is my 30th birthday; it is also the night when Nine Inch Nails will be performing. In all of this, there is really too much poetry to contemplate.

But back to the movies for a moment...

I want to write more on both of them, but I do not have the time to right now... I can only say that these two movies brought me so much delight and excitement that I really feel came out of nowhere: I've already been looking forward to Lolla, and what did I do to deserve this. In many ways, they are polar opposites.




And I can't say anything about either that you don't 1) already know or 2) I can say in less than an hour. So just ignore all of that and go and see them, and when you have, talk to me about this, because seriously, I mean, seriously, they just seemed that good.

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