Friday, February 29, 2008

Concept: About this Blog.

If anybody is still readingthis, I realize that I haven't posted substantially or regularly for some three odd months now. It is difficult to attribute this to being "busy" since I've been busy for most of the time that I've kept this blog. But I've certainly busy in different ways than I've been before. For starters, I have been looking for a serious job (Dec. - Feb.) and working at a serious job (this past week). The pressure is on, the stakes are higher; for the last two years my wife has worked hard so that I would have the luxutry of pursuing a graduate education, and now that the tables are turned it is something of an imperative, I feel, to responsibly return the favor. So when I've been job-searching/working, a number of things have had to fall behind, and one of them is this blog. Second (and this is most strongly reflected in the development of the Gothic Funk Nation), this blog has simply not been an effective vehicle in promoting my career... I have had a few dozen readers, many with whom I maintain email contact, and many of whom only follow my career casually. It isn't the fault of readers; it is, however, a sign of how oversaturated the net is with erstwhile bloggers. Unless I'm posting about scavhunt or politics in Genesee County, this blog never seems to get the hits to warrant the amount of energy that goes into weekly posts.

I do want to continue to maintain this blog, and I do intend to pick up again. I like the opportunity it provides for correspondence, and I like that it is a convenient way to journal my life and adventures in a public and accessible way. But I have to strike a balance where the amount of payback – in readership and energy invested – is more balanced in general. I'm drafting short stories and novels, striving to be published, and supporting a family. I cannot sink an hour or two a day into a blog that is not promoting these interests.

I am interested in your thoughts. I do think that once I start posting regularly again, it will be easy to keep up. But I also hope you'll understand the changes that have been going on at, and that you'll continue to check in and keep up.

More soon?

~ Connor



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