Friday, September 19, 2008

Event: Kicking You When You're Down - Foreclosure is a Forfeited Vote, According to the Michigan GOP.

Start from the beginning and move down:

Michigan Messenger: Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote.

Michigan Messenger: GOP has a history of voter ‘caging,’ according to Democrats’ lawsuit.

Michigan Messenger: Messenger rejects GOP plea for retraction.

Gemma discussed this here, with several insightful comments by herself and tyromaven.

If you're a Michigan resident (I was for many years) this should make you livid. It isn't really aimed at preventing voter fraud, and here's how I described the strategy at Third Rail Themes:

- Macomb County includes many of the Detroit suburbs and with 800,000 people is one of the most populous counties in Michigan.
- It also has a very high African American population which has been disproportionately affected by house foreclosures.
- Here's the real kicker: almost all of those voting would be Michigan residents because 1) arrangements can be made given foreclosure to remain living at a residence and 2) most people who are being booted out of their homes at the dead end of autumn cannot afford to make a major move to another state... most will be relocating to elsewhere around Detroit.

This strategy is based on the flimsiest and nastiest of circumstances.

In fact, it isn't just a below-board attempt to swing the state red. It is only a breath and a couple syllables from Jim Crow.

So write some letters to the editors!

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