Monday, September 08, 2008

Gloamane 17, 31.

- The first part of last week was uneventful, but during the weekend we went to Michigan! It was the first time I'd been to visit my parents since last Christmas, though they've come up to see me a few times. Thursday was pretty laid back, but we went to see The Dark Knight with my dad, and it didn't disappoint on the second viewing. On Friday we took some pictures around Flint and visited a little with Lyn and Ken, but things hurried along, and we spent the evening visiting with Peg, my grandma, and my aunt. For anniversary/wedding gifts, we got Fiesta and sundae supplies, DVDs of Something Wicked This Way Comes and David Lynch's Dune, and monkey and shark candy. On Saturday my parents took us down to the Eastern Market then out to a state park to take a walk. I'll try to post some pictures on Facebook. Other than that, there was lots of staying up late and talking about politics. We got home midday on Sunday, and I spent the rest of the weekend working on Urbantasm.

New York Times: MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat
Oh, okay, so when anchors display a bias for the left, they get pulled. Olbermann's been covering the election for how long? O'Reilly's had his slot for how many years?

Help contribute to Gemma's list: how could you murder someone with a marshmallow.


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