Monday, November 17, 2008

Diary: November 1985.

Honestly, I remember nothing or near-nothing about this month. I certainly don't remember the upshot of Reagan v. Mondale. But does anyone, really?

I had been home-schooled for a few months now, so everything was fresh and bright and exciting. It was colder, so I doubt we were hitting any zoos; this might have been about when I had my brief stint in gymnastics (which went find, aside from my being a little hellion) until I got a piece of foam stuck in my eyes and cried and cried). We were probably visiting the Impressions 5 museum in Lansing. I was still pretty young -- only seven -- and so my ability to remember things is very much centered around dramatic events. This would have been a relatively placid month. I don't know. Maybe we watched Star Wars with the Steinbergs in the living room and ate cheese crunchies.

Where were you in November 1985?

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