Thursday, January 15, 2009

CONCEPT: First Profound Statement of 2009 About Art

Some people like the musical Les Misèrables and others execrate it. I loved it in ninth grade, appreciated it in college, and now am somewhat disappointed in it. We could debate the fact that a three hour musical contains about six tunes, or the fact that the novels most memorable characters, such as Montparnasse and Grandfather Gillenormand have been cut from the cast, but the very best argument is both simple and easy:

In Les Misèrables the musical, Fantine is broke so she sells her locket and then her hair. This corresponds to a section in the book in which Fantine is broke so she sells her hair, and then her incisors.

What do you think is the more trenchant comment on poverty?

This is a case of art subverting its subject not in order to access, but to placate its audience.

Who would in many cases be unfamiliar with poverty, given the typical cost of theater tickets.

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