Thursday, July 16, 2009

Concept: Collaborative Writing Project This Summer.

Elisabeth Blair and I are composing/editing a Gothic Funk novel to be titled Hollywood. However, it is set in Chicago.

I'm taking charge of the writing, and Lisa of the music, but we're looking for additional collaborators. In addition to a tangible application of the "gothic funk aesthetic," Hollywood will also be a teen noir (or at least a 20-something noir) for those of you familiar with that term... think of an episode of Veronica Mars codirected by Baz Luhrman and David Lynch. It will also be a hypertext novel a la Judd Morrissey, Shelley Jackson, and John Cayley.

Let me know if you're interested in contributing writing (or something else) to this piece, or if you're interested in more details.

It isn't a paying gig, but you will get credit for publication via the Internets.


Connor Coyne

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