Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diary: Phenology: July 9 - 15, 2009.

An abundance of squirrels. There are millions of them. I've never seen so many as this year. About a month ago, I noticed something; when I visit Michigan, squirrels are prime candidates for roadkill. But I never see roadkilled squirrel in Chicago. So have the Chicago groups evolved (or learned) that cars are common, and deadly?

Raspberries on a tree in an overgrown vacant lot in Canaryville. They were gooooood.

Countless lightning bugs. Amazing bugs. The Michigan farms win, because there's nothing as magical as a thousand fireflies lighting up over a fallow field. But it's pretty cool to see them flash bright by the dozens in front of brick tenements.

Noisy birds nesting.

My pepper plant has sprouted bell peppers.

But (alas) the days are growing noticeably shorter. Chicago summer is brief and bitter this year. Bitterish, but not bitter.

Buzzing mosquitoes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never heard of a raspberry tree. I've never seen raspberries on anything looking even vaguely like a tree. I was going to suggest it was a mulberry tree. They look a lot like raspberries - only on a tree. I googled raspberry tree and found a major online debate over raspberry tree/bush/vine. Britannica Online Encyclopedia calls it a fruit-bearing bush.

Now we can investigate whether it is "raspberry pop" or "raspberry soda".


8:25 AM  

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