Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Event: Health Care Reform Post #2 - Interesting Articles

New York Times: Health Plan Opponents Make Voices Heard.

This is one thing that the new (meaning post-1994) generation of conservatives have excelled at; compensating for numbers with virulence. I'm nont saying that progressives should strive for such shrillness, but we should at least be emphatic. I'll be looking for evidence that Americans in favor of health care reform are taking just as demonstrable a stand. Or to put it a little differently, we know that politicians instinctually turn toward political cover. Let's provide some of that cover and support, so they won't be afraid to finish this much-needed bill.

Andy Heller drops in for a few cynical but well-intentioned comments:

The Flint Journal: Let's wait for heath care until we're all sick and dead, OK?

The Flint Journal: We'll spend to kill but not to heal and protect.

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