Monday, September 14, 2009

Event: My New Letter to Congresswoman Schakowsky.

My renewal of support.

Dear Ms. Schakowsky,

In the last election I voted against you because I didn't think you had taken as strenuous a stand against funding the war in Iraq as I thought was possible, given the level of support (and strong, progressive support) you've enjoyed here in Chicago. I was also disappointed by your support of TARP, given the lack of oversight involved (and how it has contributed to a deficit that is a sticking point in the present health care debate). That said, I am very proud to be represented by you these days; for my whole life affordable health care was always one of the most important political issues for me. On a day when most lawmakers (including strong Democrats) appear to be wavering and equivocating on the centrally important and essential "public option" I am very, very, very happy that you have been such a staunch and emphatic supporter. I realize that my vote in the last election wasn't strategic (if it was I would have supported you in spite of my misgivings), but I anticipate being able to offer more unequivocal support in the upcoming election. Please let me know how I can help promote the public option in the upcoming health care reform.

Sincerely, Connor Coyne
Uptown, Chicago

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