Wednesday, December 20, 2006

For the End of the Year.


It's been quite a couple of months, these.

I'm not referring to the whole year. The second semester of my first year in the program was rough, and for the last month I was hopelessly behind in homework and reading. A trip to Chicago and visit from my brother seemed to prime a successful summer, but a lot was taken away in the three-month long war with the B.B.s. Many movies were watched, and there were some modest accomplishments.

But the last four months, and specifically beginning sometime in October have been a throwback to my glory days in 1996-1997, 2000-2001, and 2004-2005. Seems too frequent to be reasonable, but I won't complain if things continue to go well.

So here I am... I've revised or drafted nine stories as well as the first four chapters of Euphemism, and am primed to launch a major novel revision and research project for my theses. The last week, briefly, has been insane all-nighters and almost all-nighters, critiquing twelve submissions, reading three books and writing papers on them. But the final class parties were delicious. I've unwisely been "pushing it" these past couple days, and (predictably and) abruptly got quite sick last night, so I hope I make a speedy recovery from that. But friends and family, darkness and wind, sickness and insomnia, good music, good coffee, and plenty of writing.

Doesn't it sound like it's going to be an absolutely marvelous winter?

I'll catch you in 2007.

With love,




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