Monday, September 17, 2007

Concept: Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin lyrics: English -> Chinese -> English -> Greek -> English -> Spanish -> English

So these are the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven Altavistad from English -> Chinese -> English -> Greek -> English -> Spanish -> English, and then punctuation added and arranged in stanzas by me. What do you think? Could Robert Plant sue me for sharing this? The original lyrics are here.

It has. Is regularly.
The lady all radiates;
it is the gold,
and it buys the scale in the sky.

And when it knew him,
if the company of stores is stopped word,
nobody [the one that can receive
from that purchase comes for

(and this) scale (for has in the sky
a mark)], but the one. That wishes in the wall.
It is also knew (regularly)
that the two sometimes word.

He has significances that are goatlike.
In the tree of the current
has our idea, there sometimes
the singer and for him it buys the scale.

Towards him must, in the sky, to receive
the perceivable I of the west,
did in front also examines.
My intellectual sob stops

in authorization that examined
the tobacco of the ring inside,
with the idea, my, that unemployed
via the cautious tree (and these sounds),

and buys the scale in the sky.
And his whisper, very fast, if all our games
(prosody of the telephone) flout for us.
He lead it then, for also supports

a new dawn of the day, for represents
this lasting one and forest echo,
and for makes my wonder of the laughter.
If he has assets, is not essential.

Now worries to this, in yours.
the bisector fence is the clean means.
The street, that king, you.
You will have for the Power King.

In order, her is in place, goes from two courses.
But for her he has, in the long operation,
the quiet time. You who it replaces to him
stops for the snores. Also, this you.

You are not – if you did not know – you.
You will touch flutes, for you opinion,
in you, for you connection.
Your lady wanted for you.

You are not in place.
You, to hear air for you,
to blow to him, also, for you.
You know that its fame of scales

in the air, of the whisper. And who,
because we delayed in the street,
our curtain above you? You compare
with our soul, that everything knew.

The lady of the long walks, for them, there,
we shone the white light and they wish them.
For demonstrate how all those
of gold still money changers.

And if you hear exceptionally difficult,
that prosody, that it is moved to you,
finally, when it is everything and is.
He is totally the rock and roll

and this for purchase.
The scale that he has in the sky,
that she is regularly the lady
who everything radiates.

Is the gold.
And buys the scale in the sky.
And when it knew him there,
if the company of stores is stopped word...

The one that could receive
from that comes the purchase for
and the scale in the sky.

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