Thursday, September 27, 2007

Event: Food For Thought (When Hillary Lies)

I won't be able to post today or tomorrow (except this), so I leave you with this fascinating thought: Hillary Clinton lied at the Democratic Debate yesterday. Tim Russert asked her who she would root for in a World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees. She said:

"Well, I would have to alternate sides."

Besides providing ammo for a thousand jokes with that particular answer (and playing right into the hands of last-cycle Kerry detractors), I don't personally believe it. It might not help that Russert is asking her to choose between the two most odious teams in baseball, but it's an answer that disrespects and begs disrespect. Nothing is more unsightly in a baseball fan than playing the numbers of a teams' success (or in this case, the numbers of a teams' fans – both the Cubs and the Yanks are a doozy) like an auction for your support. That's why I saw a girl wearing a shirt saying "I was a Tigers fan before 2006," and felt like I ought to ask her how she felt about them in 2003. Anyway, this question ought to be a no-brainer for Hillary. The Cubs were the team she grew up with. The Yankees are the team of a place she has moved as a political expediency. The Yankees have won a billion times. The Cubs are fated to never win. I don't care how many times a Cubs fan puked on her teenage shoes on the Red Line; she's rooting for Chicago whether she admits it or not. Between this and her reluctance to back the UAW, my confidence is increasingly shaken.

If I can't trust her to be honest about baseball, can I trust her about anything?

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