Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Galvane 15, 30.

- Yesterday sucked. I got a lot accomplished, but it nevertheless sucked. So instead of regaling you with that, I'll talk about baseball.

- A friend of me called me out on a couple recent shout-outs to the Cleveland Indians. "Fuck the Tribe," was what he said, specifically, although I think the sentiment was something along the lines of "How could you support the Indians when they kept Detroit out of the playoffs?" I have two answers.
The first is that only the Tigers could keep themselves from the playoffs this year. Sorry, but I have to be objective, and a team that loses a majority of games to the Royals and the White Sox is not a team begging for games in October. I saw the Tigers at Yankee Stadium this year, and Ordonez was swinging at balls almost clear above his head.
The second is that I'm not one of those people who loves one team and hates the other twenty-nine.
I have a strong dislike of the Yankees and the Cubs. The White Sox kind of annoy me too, although I like them the other half of the time. I am fond of the Mariners, the As, the Twins, the Brewers, the Cardinals, the Orioles, the Red Sox, occasionally the Mets, and yes, the Indians.
Think of it this way... they've had it coming for a long time. The Tribe's last WS title was in 1948, and whatever Cubs fans will tell you, the Indians have packed more angst and frustration into the last fifty years than Chicago has in a century.
Or, think of it this way... if the Indians win it'll be a victory for the Midwest in a League obsessed with the rightmost 5% of the country.

Red Sox or Indians?


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