Monday, October 08, 2007

Diary: In October, 1987.

In October, 1987.

I don't remember anything about October, 1987, really.

Actually, I do think I can scare up at least one memory with some reliability:

I would (I believe) have been a Wolf Scout in Cub Scouts in Flushing. This means that this would have been the month where I fell victim to an overactive imagination and got scared by thoughts of the headless horseman at a pumpkin carving Cub Scout meeting. Prompting my mom to go to bat for me: she was talking on the phone about it after I had gone to bed.

I believe gymnastics had been attempted and abandoned, and figure skating was in full swing. We would have had the Disney Channel at this point, but not a Nintendo. I don't think we'd gotten the computer yet, but we did have a VCR. I would have been aware of Santa Claus (but evidently not the Headless Horseman). It was two years before the paper route and almost a year before discovering Dungeons and Dragons. Victor from church was not a friend at this point but Justin was (a situation which would reverse). My best friend, though, was Jeff from across the street, and now that we'd joined forces after years of war, we could terrorize the younger Teslars a block away. Well, okay, "terrorize" might be a strong choice of words.

I can place a lot of contexts here: what had already happened or what happened yet. But 1987 was long-enough ago that I don't remember anything specifically. Except that cub scout meeting, and my mom on the phone.

Where were you in October 1987?

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