Monday, October 01, 2007

Galvane 9, 30.

- CUTTING OUT THE FAT - I'm going to, for the moment at least, do away with the News/Quote/Picture/Link/Country of the week. I rarel see any sign that they are of interest to people, and anyway, if something demands linking, I can just put up a post linking it. Right? Ultimately, there are just too many irons in the fire – too much that demands doing – to continue to sink time into certain aspects of this blog. You also may have noticed that the Almanac has been having something of a mental breakdown over the last couple months, so I'm going to give him a break for awhile. It may make a return later on, in 2008, when things are less hectic. Birthdays, QotD, and the rest will remain unaltered.

- What a frustrating weekend. My wife left for her work convention in Chicago, so I had infinite time and should have gotten an infinite amount accomplished. In fact, I accomplished very little. I did some work on my Chicago job search and whatnot, and there were bright spots. I spent a day at the Met, which was a high point, did some cleaning, and hung out with Yvonne, Laura, and Mark after the New School student readings. But I should have given up on trying to write this weekend. The Silurians doesn't want me to mess with it now. I should have left well enough alone. I should have called some friends, or gone on an Exile-to-Museums. Or something. Anything to get out of the apartment. Jeez. Oh well.

Meredith! (Yesterday)

If you could be 8 years old again for an entire day, how would you spend it?


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