Monday, October 29, 2007

Gravitane 7, 30.

- I am all kinds of groggy and out-of-sorts this morning. Anyway, on Friday I spent the day attempting (often unsuccessfully) to devise applications for jobs in Chicago. But that evening I waited for the bus in fine mist and rose it out to Earshot where I saw five new readers and got some excellent advice on adjuncting from Justin. That night, my wife and I went for a ride out on Long Island and got back around two.
The next day we I went to the Enclave to hear Molly Rosen and Dale Peck, and that night we went to visit with Marco, Scott, and Hannah. We ended up driving down to the Verrazano and taking the Beltway to Brighton Beach, where we had a midnight dinner at a very odd seeming diner. An admixture of 50s diner neon, seasonal harvest decor, and, um, Russians. The food was alright, though.
On Sunday we played Twilight 2000 with Marco and Scott, and then I went to a reading at The Creek and The Cave. I probably drank too much, and got embroiled in yet another discussion of the ought-to-be-thoroughly-dead-and-at-rest subject of Cleveland v. Boston. But life goes on.
I also spent a lot of the weekend reading Hosanna's masterpiece, which is appreciatively longer than Hungry Rats.
I went to four readings this week. I think that my head hurts from it.

Shine laminated countertops with white vinegar and water.

What would be some good possible names for a new reading series, either


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