Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lauras 23, 31.

Life continues to be vivid. After Lollapalooza and my 30th birthday coinciding (I literally turned while jumping up and down a few feet from the stage during Brazilian Girls, and then wrapped up the night with a fist-pounding set by Nine Inch Nails) I was ready for everything in the world to change. So it did.

On Monday I went in for my new/old caterpillar-to-butterfly job, and Sean did a great job training me all week. A lot of the faces I'd been looking forward to were gone, though, but all of our doctors are still there, Andrea and Pam and Steve and Vicki and Felicia, and a lot of my friends from Ophthalmology. After work, Sean and I grabbed a drink, and I got home with plans to accomplish all sorts of things. Of course, the sky opened up and went psych while I was standing outside the laundry room digging around in my pockets for keys I didn't have. I had to run back to the apartment soaked, just to find that I had left all the windows open. It turns out that some tornadoes did touch down locally, but nothing inside city-limits.

On Tuesday, we held the latest Tuesday Funk, and one of Reinhardt's friends was a sound technician, so the amp was working better than it ever had. We had a crowd of two dozen, and I really think this series is building into something special.

Wednesday was a good day.

On Thursday I finished early and ended up sitting on the beach reading The Mysteries of Udolpho.

Friday night, Amber threw a party, and Saturday was another shindig. I spent Sunday recovering and getting all sorts of other stuff done.

It's been a good week. Scratch that. It's been one of the best weeks.


It is the feast of St. Claire.
It is the end of the Dog Days.


I could go with the most important, or the most shocking, or the most artistically devastating... it's been a busy news week. But this is the one I like best.


If you could be an Olympic caliber athlete in any sport, in which would you like to compete?


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