Monday, September 08, 2008

Diary: September 1988.

I don't remember anything specifically from this month, so I will add a memory that may or may not have been from this period.

One autumn in the middle of the time when I was home schooled, my mom made a trip to a store based out of a house where she bought her teachers' supplies. I'd never been there before; I never really wonderd, I guess where all of our stuff came from: the Michigan Rocks and Mequon Math Books and Granny Grammer worksheets. I was in figure skating lessons about this time (which had gone better than gymnastics by a mile) and I think that this house-store was somewhere out by Elms Road. It was a modest house, a cape cod with white aluminum siding under wet leaves on a dark street; we went there early at night, so it must have been September or early in October. I had a very visceral, very physical wish to learn as much as I could. Here were experiments and samples and hundreds of books, and if I could just get through them all, I would understand the world in ways that I did not. Of course, in practice, sitting down and doing homework was always more of a drag (especially those Granny Grammers), but in that moment, it all seemed pretty adventurous.

Where were you in September 1988?

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