Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diary: March 2004.

I was living in McKinley Park, and several things that were visibly coming together were nevertheless still dim in the distance. I wasn't working on Urbantasm much at all. I was temping at NMFF via Advanced Resources and had started to germ that, if I'd proposed to my girlfriend, and if she'd say yes, we'd need to come up with a plan for life, since neither of us had really built much career-objective positions. But then I was also gearing up for one of the most anticipated Scavhunts ever, and was, in the meantime, attempting to salvage Pinter's A Dumb Waiter from the slow motion wreckage of the Nocturnal, a theater group I had helped to start. I remember the predominant feeling being of exhaustion and a sort of dim frustration with things.

April would be much more exciting...

Where were you in March 2004?

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