Monday, March 30, 2009

Oneidine 10, 31.

Last week was a week of highs and lows; most of the lows involved my cold, which kept going away and coming back. For all I know it might still be doing that.
Saturday to Sunday feature a nightlong struggle between Winter and Spring; Winter ultimately won (at least for the moment). It made me think of Pisces Iscariot, which I haven't listened to in a long time... one of those albums that immediately brings to mind the late March struggle. At any rate, we (meaning Sean, Amber, the wife and myself) celebrated the spat with messy, hot, delicious Ghanaian food from Palace Gate, good old fashioned drinks at the Uptown Lounge, followed by the college budget solution (ie. that involves a fifth of Bacardi from the local supermarket, a two liter of coke, and a lot of talk about music). I don't think I went to sleep until about 4 AM.
Sunday was pretty lousy, but oh well.

New York Times: U.S. Lays Down Terms for Auto Bailout.

Who would you like to see resign?


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