Monday, August 18, 2008

Lauras 30, 31.

- Interesting week. Lot's of ups and downs, but in the the end, more ups than downs.
The dominant part was definitely my Orientation at NMFF; this is going to be the most serious job I've had to date, partly in the sense that the training / benefits / expectations are more comprehensive and sharply defined than anywhere I've worked before. But my position at the Laser Vision Center is also nice because of the variety of tasks I'll be doing and the familiarity I'll be able to develop with the procedure. And... there's the benefits.
On Wednesday I participated in the "In One Ear" series at the Heartland Cafe. It was an open-mic night, but the quality of performance was very high. A lot of slam poetry and music... I was the only person reading prose. It was a very long evening, with the readings going until after one in the morning, meaning I was exhausted the next day. And... the Heartland charged me $6 for a shot of Jack, which doesn't seem like a reasonable price, considering that's a third of what the bottle costs, and it's usually about the cheapest whiskey you can buy. I digress.
Friday was the Feat of the Assumption. I watched that Maggie Gyllenhaal movie, Happy Endings.
I was determined to actually have a relaxed, laid-back weekend this time, although I heard the roar of the jets at the Air and Water Show all weekend long, and it went nicely (and neatly) with the olympics, which was usually on the TV. Basically: Perfect for the middle of summer.

Another very heavy news week.
For a change, I'll go with this.

Who wins, the iceberg or the boat?


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