Monday, May 04, 2009

Oculine 15, 31.

- So I have been singularly inconsistent about posting lately. That's okay, because I've been working very hard on my writing and looking for a job, and spring cleaning and watching the first season of Veronica Mars when I've got time. Although my apartment is not as clean as I would like it to be, and it's hard not to slip behind. Here's the last week.

On Thursday I got up and went to see the endodontist; since I had my tooth removed a couple weeks ago, I had to get a root canal on an adjacent molar. Well the molar was so cracked and tormented that the dentist had to send me to a specialist; she was worried that otherwise the tooth would shatter. It had to be Thursday, because that was the last day of April, and so, the last day I was covered under my plan at Northwestern. The experience went fine, but I can't get a crown until I resume insurance coverage in June. Ever since then my tooth has been hurting so much that I'm popping ibuprofen all day, and the pain wakes me up in the middle of the night each night. I think it has to get better with time, though. I rewarded myself with McDonalds breakfast on the way home, but my lip was too numb to drink the coffee effectively.

On Friday I worked and researched all day, and then met up with Barb to go and see Lisa's play. We walked from my place down to Roscoe... it's such a nice feeling, at this time of year, when Chicago weather officially shifts into warm mode for good. It's been in the fifties and sixties pretty consistently. I don't think it's going to get cold again. After Alas and Lisa's music (she sounds great accompanied by cello, by the way) we went out to Pick Me Up. I knew that there was a scav party down in Hyde Park, but I didn't want to spend ninety minutes on the train after midnight. Too much trouble. I went home and called it a night.

I slept in on Saturday and spent the entire evening finishing up some transcribing I was doing for Jenny. Then, in a fit of consumerism, I went out to the supermarket and got two bags of tortilla chips and two cartons of sherbet ice cream. I was in an odd mood. I tried to start revising Post-Modern Prometheus, but I wasn't focused enough. Maybe this week.

On Sunday I skipped church (bad me!) but worked on Urbantasm, did some spring cleaning out on the back porch, and went out for a wonderful pasta dinner fixed by Reinhardt. It was Barb, her friend Aron, Reinhardt, the wife, and myself. We stopped at the Hopleaf afterwards. It was a late night. We went right to bed. And that is that!

Chicago Sun-Times: Young visitors get scoop on zoos poop.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous Connor said...


11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exhausting, but pleasantly so. Did battle with an ancient pear tree stump (using shovel, pickax and ax). The stump was a worthy adversary but am happy to report that nothing is left but a hole waiting for anonymom's hickory tree to replace the pear.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Sumara said...

It started out fabulously, with breakfast at a cafe with a few girlfriends. Then we went to the local Show (um, like a county fair?) which was fairly ordinary. Far too expensive and not enough kid stuff. Fun rides, though.

On Sunday my inlaws were back to their usual frustrating habits, coming an hour and a half late for our planned lunch, so the children were tired and starving and unpleasant.

This, however, is going to be a GOOD week!

I hope your tooth is feeling better, Connor!

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sucks about the tooth, but how about that Veronica Mars, huh? I started watching determined to scorn every drop of its cheeky tweener tweeness, then got sucked in once it become clear that the cutesiness was there to dilute trauma.

Speaking of random culture stuff, have you checked out any of the John Crowley novels that have gone back into print? If you think yourself even partly describable as a bookish fantasy geek with arcane historical interests (a not ignoble type, by any standard), then he's your guy.


12:47 AM  
Anonymous Connor said...

Yeah, I really had to get dragged into the Veronica Mars thing kicking and screaming because I'm really busy and the last thing I needed was one more thing to focus on, but that show is dark and dark.

I've heard of Crowley, but mostly of Alesteir Crowley, the weird tarot guy. I'm willing to check out John Crowley too. I'm both willing and likely to end up as some sort of bookish fantasy geek anyway. Thanks for the rec.

6:33 AM  

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